System Operation

Our patented SedCon® Turbo System prevents shoaling in berthing areas by boosting passing tidal currents with computer-controlled underwater jets. SedCon Systems eliminate maintenance dredging while maintaining your berth at full project depth.
A SedCon® Turbo System is composed of multiple Turbo Units mounted along the face of the dock, just above the mud bottom. The units are connected to a hydraulic power source by a system of header pipes and riser hoses. Output from the power source is directed to the Turbo Units by electrically-controlled solenoid valves. A computer operates the Turbo Units sequentially in coordination with the tides.
During operation, an impeller draws water into a Turbo Unit and forces it outward as a powerful jet. Together, the Turbo Units produce a zone of overlapping jet flows that keep sediment suspended and moving past the berthing area.